Recruitment & Executive Search Firm – Philippines

Kittelson & Carpo Recruitment and Executive Search is one of the fastest growing recruitment and executive search firms in Metro-Manila, Philippines offering executive search, recruitment, headhunting, HR consulting and management consulting to help local and foreign clients build and sustain winning staff in the Philippines. Headquartered in Makati, Metro-Manila we provide foreign startups, existing companies and multinational corporations with a strong competitive advantage by developing strong teams capable of thriving in the Philippines’ growing industries.

Kittelson & Carpo Recruitment & Executive Search is a division of Kittelson & Carpo Consulting, founded by an American Business Consultant and a Philippine Corporate Labor Lawyer.  Our expert HR Consultants, Recruiters. Headhunters and Labor Lawyers offer a wide variety of integrated services covering the gamut of HR management and recruitment.


Gregory Kittelson
Managing Director


Amanda Carpo
Head Lawyer


Lea Galera
Recruitment Director


Emmanuel Merida, Jr.
Recruitment Head