Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

  1. Signing of Recruitment Agreement. Department Head will discuss recruitment service to prospective client and ensure that contract and other documents has been filled out and signed properly.
  2. Introduction & Calibration with Client. A Recruitment Consultant will be introduced to the client to obtain detailed job specification and other relevant information regarding the requirement.
  3. Candidate Search. The team will map and source talents using the company database. Use of Job Advertisement through portals may be utilized to find suitable candidates.
  4. Prescreening of Candidates. An in-depth screening will be conducted to shortlist candidates who have the competencies needed for the role.
  5. Conduct Interview. Using an interview checklist, the team will gather and probe information from the candidate about their past work experiences in order to identify if they are qualified for the role and to predict their future performance.
  6. Profiling. The team will profile at least 2 CVs for technical, niche and C-level roles and 3 CVs for non-technical roles for each requirement. The CVs will be sent to the client.
  7. Forward CVs. Forward complete CVs to client via email and give a brief description on the candidates’ experience. Run through their work history and point out important information.
  8. Client Interviews. The team will coordinate with the client on the schedule of candidates’ interview/s. The candidate should have an idea about the company and the recruitment process.
  9. Client Evaluation. The team will ask for the assessment of the client and give feedback to the candidates.
  10. Job Offer. If a candidate has been chosen, the client will prepare the job offer letter and employment contract to be presented to the candidate. The team will ensure that the applicant accepts and signs the offer.
  11. Regret Letters. The team will advise all unsuccessful applicants, telephonically or in writing.